CVB screens

Metso PREMIER CVB™ screens have one of the strongest legacies in the industry of delivering dependable screening performance in more than 2,000 screening applications around the world. Design of Metso PREMIER CVB™ screens allows application of any types of screening media to achieve ultimate operating flexibility and ease of maintenance.


TS screens

Metso PREMIER TS™ multi-slope screens are unique to market screens combining banana decks and variable elliptical motion. End result is increased capacity without compromising the accuracy. Every time you have a bottleneck screen in you process then Metso PREMIER TS™ multi-slope screen is your solution.

ES screens

Metso proudly presents new high-productive horizontal ES screen with elliptical vibration, designed with exclusive reliability standards. New screen significantly increases operation time and ensures high safety for personnel during maintenance. ES screens increase screening performance, their capacity is 25% higher than conventional screens of similar size.

FS screens

Metso COMPACT FS™ mobile flat screens are horizontal elliptical motion screens. This screen is extremely compact to meet the best portability. Its triple shaft line generates a high-energy elliptical vibration. The combination of horizontal decks + high acceleration + aggressive elliptical vibration provide a strong stratification of the bed depth so high screening accuracy.

DF screens

Nordberg DF screens are designed to process high volume of material with no hard final product dimensional requirements. Nordberg DF screens are the best solution for both primary and secondary classification. They contain three decks, two sections each. Five model sizes are available starting from 1200х1600 mm.

Air Classifiers

Dry classifying uses no water, providing a very environmentally friendly and economical classifying solution. Metso designs and manufactures full range on classifiers applicable for different applications and processes:
• Gravitational classifiers
• Gravitational inertial classifiers
• Centrifugal classifiers
• Cyclonic classifiers
• Transportable classifiers