Vibrating feeders

From stationary models for supersevere operational conditions to the most flexible feeders for mobile plants, it may safely be said that Metso feeders worldwide require minimal maintenance downtime and provide maximal tonnage. Our feeders have strong design but they are flexible in operating, structure allows operation in supersevere conditions. Upmarket vibration technology and simple modification of the static grizzly and decks.
Наши питатели имеют прочную конструкцию, но гибки в использовании, конструкция для работы в особо тяжелых условиях. Эксклюзивная технология вибрации и простая модификация колосниковой решетки и деки.

Apron feeders

Benefits of the Metso Apron Feeder put it in a class by itself. Metso offers a robust design with an intense commitment to quality and attention to detail. The main benefit to the end user is ruggedness and dependability for heavy-duty operations. The bottom line: reduced downtime and lower overall cost.
снижение общей стоимость оборудования.

Wobbler feeders

The unique action of the Metso wobbler feeder can actually boost material production from 50% to 100%. This is accomplished, in one operation, by scalping out fines and feeding only oversize to your crusher or impactor. Maintenance is also reduced because abrasive, choking fines are bypassed. Wobblers are self-cleaning and resist clogging in wet, sticky materials. Metso wobbler feeders operate with low horsepower and headroom requirements, and without vibration, noise or transmitted stresses, making them ideal for both stationary and portable applications.

Belt Feeders

Belt feeder is like a conveyor belt supported by roller carriages. Belt length can vary from 1,5 to 3 meters, and speed from 0,005 to 0,5 m/second. Power requirements – from 3 to 30 hp.
Belt feeder is a perfect solution to precise volume control of feed sand and gravel, especially for dry and fine materials. Belt feeder is of simple and cheap structure, easy to adjust. They have low power requirements and are able to ensure any feed volume, which can be controlled with accuracy of 1% from remote operating console.